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At Avocodo, we prioritize tailor-made development for customers with high expectations. That’s why we not only program and implement, we also analyze and design: Web applications, e-commerce platforms, multimedia services, live streaming, desktop applications, software architecture, monitoring, quality assurance, automation, optimization, IT security, agile training. All of this down to the last detail, at every phase of the development of your software.

Coding along the
Software Development Life Cycle


From a
single source

We provide our customers with what they need to get ahead: Consulting, analysis, software development, integration and quality assurance. Our results? They’re so impressive that they’ve persuaded renowned, internationally operating companies.

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Custom software programming

You know what the end result should be, but not how to get there? We’ll turn your ideas into practical digital solutions. Whether it’s apps, portal solutions or applications for production, the sales force and customers. We’ll help your business succeed.




Applications / Specializations

Get there faster with state-of-the-art technologies like Low Code Programming, or existing solutions like ServiceNow and UiPath. With platforms like Mendix, we blaze new trails in software coding with you, refining existing solutions and creating added value. With our in-depth development expertise, we multiply your benefits in the field of Robotics Process Automation and raise your applications to a new level.

  • Platforms

    • Servicenow
    • Mendix
    • Ui Path
  • Quality Tests


ServiceNow is an IT and enterprise service management platform which automates and digitalizes processes in various ways. We will help you find the perfect solution through configuration, customisation and process optimisation – with cluster analysis and process mining – of ServiceNow products.

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Low-code programming is the next step in modern software development. Mendix is the perfect platform for this, offering simple tools for building, testing, deploying and iterating applications. With our development expertise, we efficiently bring new applications online, ensuring that your software development project is a success.


The automation of business processes with the aid of software robots is already an established component of digitization and optimization initiatives in many companies. UiPath, the market leader in Robotic Process Automation, offers the best prerequisites for this. With our highly specialized competencies, we can turn your ideas into reality.

Quality Tests

Our motto: Quality assurance right from the start – for every project. We at Avocodo have created our own structures for this purpose. We provide QA squads and work cross-functionally throughout. This means that we are ideally positioned to meet your project’s demands.

Native speakers only

Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, Perl, Python, C++, C#/.NET. This is how we implement “native” developments. No need for you to know any programming languages. It’s enough that you as our customer know it means customized implementation, including for very particular requirements.



The best projects start with an idea that sticks in your mind. We’ll turn your vision into a successful solution.

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